Here's just a couple of ways that TipprPay can make your life easier...

Scenario 1: Let’s say you would like to tip your airport shuttle driver but you don't have any cash. Other Apps require you to become “friends” first, get that persons bank info, their phone number or some other identifying, personal piece of information. Maybe you don’t really want this person to know your facebook info, or your cell number, right? What do you do? With TipprPay, all you need to know is his/her Tippr ID, enter the amount you would like to tip and hit send. The only information they will receive is your Tippr ID, (you can even send it anonymously). Both you and the driver will receive emails and/or notifications confirming the payment has been made.
You’re all done (don’t forget to grab your luggage).

Scenario 2: You are having a yard sale, and this nice young man would like to purchase your grandpa’s old golf clubs for $50. The problem is he only has $25 cash on him (uh-oh). No worries, you have a TipprPay account! So like a boss, you give him your Tippr ID and, BOOM, he sends the other $25 through the app. You get the notification that his payment was successful and he heads to the golf course while you add up all your money.

Scenario 3: You make arts & crafts for a little extra income on the side. It's Saturday, so you load up your car and head to the swap meet to peddle your goods. You ring up your first sale, $34.75 (NICE). Suddenly, as the gal hands you her card, you realize you forgot your little card swipe thingy at home.
OH NO!!! Looks like cash only today. But...then you remember "I have a Tippr Account". You open the TipprPay website on your phone and in the "Who You TIPPN?" section, you put in your tippr ID. "Snap" a photo of her card, enter the Amount, CVC & Exp; hit submit and ~VIOLA~, payment completed.
Yay, TipprPay saves the day (hey, that rhymes).

We could give you a hundred more scenarios, but you get the idea. Right?
It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s secure, it’s private and it’s actually kind of fun.
Download the App and create your account today.

There is a 100% chance that you will need to use it in the future!