Mission Statement

At Tippr, our vision is to provide a platform for efficient and secure money transfers for both individuals and businesses by allowing anyone to accept credit cards and bank transfers through our web and mobile applications. We stand committed to upholding the highest standards for our employees, the best user experience for our customers and the highest returns for our investors while at the same time returning good will and profits to local charities.

Company History

TipprPay was the brain child of an Uber driver, created out of necessity, to fill a void in that companies rideshare App. The idea was to build a mobile application that would allow passengers to “electronically” tip their driver. Planning and design began in late 2016 and in March of 2017 we contracted Brody Web Design to begin production of the TipprPay App. During the development stages a couple things happened and we realized that there was a much more universal need for our product. We discovered that our website/application had a huge variety of uses outside of tipping your driver, and we decided to expand the features of our app to accommodate these other uses. As it turned out, our foresight was invaluable, when in June of 2017, Uber announced that it would be implementing a tipping feature within their own platform, confirming that our decision to evolve during development was the right move. TipprPay is the first of several “phases” planned for our App and it will be live in January of 2018. We are excited about the direction we are headed and are already working on some design changes as well as some awesome new features for “2.0” which is tentatively scheduled to launch in June 2018.