Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tippr

Tippr is an application that allows for simple money transfers between users with just a few clicks, and without the exchange of personal information (phone number, email address, facebook, etc). Simply enter the users Tippr ID, the dollar amount and tap send. You’re done!

What can I use Tippr for?

The Tippr application is very versatile and can be used to:
a) Send a “tip” to anyone; your waiter/waitress, rideshare driver, hotel maid, concierge, delivery person, hair stylist, pool guy, or whoever else you can think of.
b) Send money to friends/family, charities, churches, fundraising events, or to pay for goods/services.
c) Accept credit cards when selling items or providing a service.
d) Start a donation campaign (like gofundme or kickstarter) AND for about ½ the cost.
The only limitation to its uses is your imagination.

How do I make it so I can receive money?

After you create your account, follow these steps:
1) Login & go to ‘My Account’
2) Go to ‘Accept Payments’
3) Move the slider to "Accept Payments"
4) Enter the bank information for the account you would like your payments deposited into, and complete all other fields on the screen.
1) Login & go to 'Profile'
2) Choose 'YES' on "Do you want to receive money through Tippr?" & complete all the fields in that section
3) Go to 'Update Payment' then 'Bank Account' and put in the banking information for the account you would like your money deposited into.
That should do it!
*Please note: It may take upto one hour for your account to be validated.

Why should I set up a Donation Campaign with Tippr?

The main reason to set up a donation campaign on Tippr is to put MORE money in your pocket. Tippr charges a flat 5% on all donations, where most other crowdfunding sites will charge you a 5% commission + 2.9% processing fee + a $.30 transaction fee. That means on a $10 donation, with TipprPay you will receive $9.50, but only $8.91 on other platforms. So figure for every $100 you are keeping $95.00 versus $89.71. In addition, there are NO goals to meet or campaign deadlines, PLUS your donations will be deposited into your account every Wednesday (or daily if requested).

Why use Tippr, I already have Venmo?

That's great! Venmo is awesome, it's perfect for sending money between friends and family, that type of thing. But what if you need to complete a transaction with a stranger and you would prefer NOT to become "friends" with them in order to do that? With TipprPay, you don't need to exchange any personal information with them. If fact, through our Web Platform they don't even need to download the app or create an account to send you money! All you have to do is give them your Tippr ID, and "BOOM!", you're done.
Heck, you could even open the website on your phone and use the credit card photo capture feature to process the payment. Also, with Venmo, you cannot accept credit cards payments.

How soon do I get paid?

The payment happens immediately and you will receive confirmation that the payment was successful. Payouts to your bank occur as follows:
All Accounts: Payouts are weekly. Payments received between 12:00 am Monday and 11:59 pm Sunday will be paid out on Wednesday of the following week.
Established Accounts: Accounts that have been active and have a history of good payments may request daily payouts by contacting Tippr Support.
Instant Payouts: May be availble to Established Accounts in a future update.

How do I reset my PIN?

You can change your PIN in the "My Account" section of the app or website. If you have forgotten your PIN and need it reset you can contact Support and request a PIN reset. You will be required to provide certain account details prior to receiving the reset link.

How do I change my Tippr ID?

You do not have the ability to change your Tippr ID. However, you can email Support and request your ID be changed.

Why do I have to pay 50 cents to send a tip?

The $.50 fee added to payments helps to cover the cost our processor charges for completing transactions. Tippr spreads those costs between the sender and receiver in order to put more of the "tip" in the receiver's pocket. You can always reduce your tip by $.50 which will effectively pass the cost on the to receiver.

I don't have a smart phone, can I still use Tippr?

YES! Tippr has a Web Platform with the full functionality of the application where you can create an account and start sending & receiving payments without downloading/installing the app. The website is mobile friendly so you can still use it “on the go”.

Is my information safe?

Absolutely. Your account information (name, email, bio, profile picture) is fully encrypted and stored on our secured server. Your financial information is actually stored on the server of the processor, which is secured with bank grade encryption.

Does someone need to install the application to pay me?

No. They can send money through the Website without downloading the app or creating an account, however, they will be required to enter their payment information EACH time they wish to send money.

How do I direct people to my donation page?

You can do this through the "Invite Friends" option on the HOME screen, or through the "Share" link in the menu. You can choose to send through text, twitter, facebook, email, etc. You can also direct people to Tipprpay.com, make sure that you provide them with your Tippr ID, or use the following link format: https://tippr-app.com/sendtip?id=YOUR-TIPPR-ID.

How much does it cost to transfer money?

The “sender” pays a flat $.50 fee to send money. The “recipient” pays a 5% fee for processing the payment. Example: If John tips Suzy $10.00 , it will cost him $10.50 and Suzy will receive $9.50.

Why do I only get 95% of my tip?

The 5% fee that Tippr deducts from your payment covers the credit/debit card processing fees and operating costs. But hey, 95% of something is beter than 100% of nothing, right?

Are you guys another one of PayPal's "companies"?

No. Tippr has absolutely no connection to PayPal or any of its subsidiaries.

Why do I need to give you my PIN?

You do not need to provide the PIN you use at the ATM, in fact please DO NOT do that. We require you to create a PIN on your Tippr account as an added layer of security, so please don't share it with anyone. We recommend making it something easy for you to remember because you will need to enter your PIN each time you send money through TipprPay.

How do I know when I receive a tip or payment?

You’ll be notified immediately with a notification on your device and through email. You will be provided with the net amount (Payment-5%), and the Tippr ID of the sender (unless sent anonymously) as well as a note from the sender(if applicable). You can also view your sent/received transaction history by clicking the "Transactions" tab on the My Account screen.

What is the Tippr Spotlight?

The Spotlight feature is a way for Tippr to single out a specific campaign and hopefully help drive donations to their cause. In addition to being promoted on the site and the app, Tippr will also use social media to drive donations to the "Spotlighted" cause.
Most spotlights will be promoted for one week, however in some instances, we may elect to extend that period of time depending on the nature of the cause.

How can I make my campaign the spotlight?

The Spotlight campaign is chosen by Tippr. Users can not make their account the spotlight. However, if you would like your campaign to be considered for the Spotlight, you can email us and request a review at spotlight-request@tippr-app.com.

Can I use Tippr to sell items?

Not exactly sure what you’re asking, but Tippr is not a marketplace hence there is no way to “list” your items for sale. TipprPay can, however, be used as the means to collect payment for items you sell either through Craigslist, a yard sale, swap meet, etc.

Someone is trying to send me money and it keeps saying that my account is not set up, but my account IS set up. WTH?

Even though you may have created your account, this error will happen if you have not entered bank information AND chosen to “Accept Payments”. This is done by going to the Menu, tapping “Accept Tip” and completing the information on that screen.
*Make sure the slider is moved to “Accept Payments”.

How do I create a Donation Account?

Follw the steps HERE?. Make sure that you write a detailed statement explaining what your campaign is about. This is done in the BIO field on the Edit Profile screen.

How much does Tippr hold for taxes?

There are no tax withholdings because we are not your employer. We can provide a 1099 upon request.

Can I set up recurring payments? I want to use this to pay my pool guy.

Great question! Unfortunately recurring payments is not available at this time. We do, however, plan to have this option added to a future update.

If you still need help or have another question, please email us at support@tippr-app.com