How it Works

The Basics

In order to receive money through Tippr, you must set up an account and create a Tippr ID (make sure you choose to "Receive Money through Tippr" and enter your bank info for your deposits). Once your account is set up, other users will be able to find (and tip) you by searching for you, using your Tippr ID. Tips are processed electronically and paid out to your bank on a weekly basis.

Setting up a Donation Campaign

Step One

Create Your Account

Give your campaign a name (Tippr ID) this is what you will use to promote your campaign. Then complete the rest of the registration form.

Step Two

Accept Payments/Donations

Choose "yes" to receive money and enter your bank information. Next, select "yes" this is a donation campaign, click the and enter your campaign parameters (goal, start date, etc).

Step Three

Promote Your Campaign

Sharing your campaign is simple using the links on our site/app. Share on social media, email or text messaging.

Step Four

Check Your Bank

Now just sit back and watch the money roll in.

Accepting Credit Cards

Step One

Set-up Your Account

Create a unique Tippr ID for you or your business, then complete the required fields on the form.

Step Two

Accept Tips

Elect to receive money through tippr and enter your bank information for your deposit account.

Step Three

Provide Your Tippr ID

Direct your customers to our website (or they can download the app) and give them your Tippr ID.

Step Four

Receive Confirmation

Once your customer submits their payment, you will be notified and the money will be deposited into your bank account within 2 business days.