Now you can “Tip or Pay” anyone.
Tippr is a new money transfer platform that enables the easy transfer of funds from one user to another, online or through our mobile application. Our system allows users to send and receive money without the exchange of any personal information, phone number, email address, or even an actual name. Funds are passed between users with the only identifying data being the user’s Tippr ID (funds can even be sent anonymously). Our platform also makes it extremely quick and easy for the everyday person to accept credit/debit card payments for goods & services without having to set up a merchant services account.
With TipprPay, you can NOW:
• Send & Receive money with friends and family with literally a couple of taps of your finger;
• Electronically “tip” your rideshare driver, service industry person, concierge, maid service, hairstylist, delivery person, fast food worker, etc.;
• Accept a credit/debit card payment for that old couch you are selling on Craigslist, or pay the guy at the swap meet for that cool gadget.
• Set up a donation style account for a fundraiser or any cause you have, and it’s about ½ the cost of the other crowd funding websites. Plus, there’s no “goal” to meet or campaign deadlines to worry about;
Coming soon….
We have a couple of cross-platform projects that we will be rolling out in the near future which will make Tippr a household name within the next of couple years. Don’t miss the boat, download the App today and secure your Tippr ID before someone else snags it.

You don’t wanna hear “I told you so!”